Alternative Solutions Limited

A very high proportion of our clients are in the Financial Services industry and Trust in particular. We have a good knowledge of how the businesses operate and the typical challenges they face. The systems we provide help our clients to operate efficiently while minimising staff and office costs.

We provide all of the standard IT services, hardware and software infrastructure, installation and implementation, telephone and onsite support. We also work closely with clients to provide higher value solutions that solve real business issues. Examples include:

Document Management – Provides a host of benefits for Financial Services companies. As well as the ability to be able to quickly and efficiently find your documents, it removes the need for paper client files, assists with compliance, secures your data, improves employee efficiency and allows you to know who has been working with what documents. Click here for more details.

Digital Signatures – Remove the need to print, sign, courier and then scan documents. Quickly and easily sign and secure all types of document with a simple click of the mouse. The reduction in costs usually leads to a very fast return on investment. Click here for more details.

Email Management – Storing emails in Outlook and Exchange is convenient, but causes issues for the IT team and makes searching for information very difficult and slow. We have various solutions for making the most common form of business communication much easier to manage.

Secure Communications – Traditionally we send secure documents via courier or post. There are huge costs involved in this, printing, packaging and the actual cost of the courier. We can provide a solution that allows you to hold secure electronic communications with your clients and allows you to retain complete control of your information.

Disaster Recovery -A disaster may be caused by a major civil event or could be as simple as a water leak in the office. We provide a broad range of options to ensure your business can continue to operate if any of these should happen.

For more information contact us on 01481 701234 and ask for Neil or Tim, or visit our website