Circular regarding Potential Business Opportunities re Hong Kong

Dear Gat Members,

Further to my circular in April regarding Managed Trust Companies in Hong Kong, Gus Paterson (Director Civil Aviation) and Dominic Kaines (Aircraft Registry Officer, 2 Reg) have noted that 2-Reg is attracting considerable interest in South East Asia, especially Hong Kong, particularly following Guernsey’s ability to issue Air Operator Certificates (AOC). A condition of being granted a Guernsey AOC is that the operator’s principal place of business must be in Guernsey, and they are of the view that this could be satisfied by a combination of the use of corporate directors/Guernsey Fiduciary and local specialist technical personnel.

Given the mind and management on Island focus/requirements, there appear to be potential business opportunities for Guernsey’s Fiduciary sector. If any members are interested in exploring this type of business opportunity could they please advise Maxine Marett ( ) of their interest who will co-ordinate a list that can be passed to the relevant parties.

Kind regards,
Mark H Pattimore
Guernsey Association Of Trustees