On 5th October 2016 the Chairman called an EGM and with the agreement of the members present, the GAT constitution was changed to allow for a wider membership. In additional to the holders of Full and Personal Fiduciary licences our constitution has changed to have extend the membership categories to include

i. A firm of lawyers or an individual lawyer practising in Guernsey and serving the Industry
ii. A firm of accountants or an accountant practising in Guernsey and serving the Industry
iii. A compliance firm practising in Guernsey and serving the Industry
iv. A Non-Executive Director of a body Corporate holding a fiduciary licence
v. Such other person as the executive committee shall determine (either generally or in a specific case) from time to time.

The full constitution can be found here: GAT Constitution

GAT aims to expand and develop its membership and, in particular, its technical subcommittee and also in creating a new strategic subcommittee to enable a collective effort in facing challenges within the Industry.  One of the immediate outcomes hoped for is the Fiduciary Industry to work closer with and help setting more focused targets for Guernsey Finance to follow.